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ICFE Community Education

We have the opportunity to take classes and learn about many things for adult life- we quickly recognize as adults that we still have so much to learn that can allow us to live life well. Few areas of adult life present more challenges and desire for good information than parenting and relationships, yet it is easy to feel overwhelmed by sometimes contradictory information available to us today. Our ICFE Education classes are intended to provide an overview of practical information on specific, relevant topics. The information presented is drawn from our clinical training and experiences both professionally and personally. The mission of these classes is to empower members of our community with engaging information that is useful and timely. No prior knowledge on the topic is necessary- just a desire to learn! $25 per person, per class cost.

Monthly topics are generally offered twice, with one day time and one evening option to meet the needs of various life schedules. Classes are limited to 20 seats due to space availability. Attendees are welcome to bring food and/or non-alcoholic drinks. If a class fills, you may request being placed on a waiting list by emailing davenport@icfetx.com

These classes and others are also available on a limited basis as presentations to organizations and groups, at your location or ours. These topics can also be modified to present as CEU workshops for professional organizations by request. Please contact Dr. Davenport at davenport@icfetx.com for more information about scheduling and fees. 


2018 Topics

 Parenting Your Anxious Child

January 24    12pm-2pm

January 25     6-8pm


How do we know what is “normal” for children and when to seek help? How should I as a parent respond to my child’s worries, especially when the worries are not reasonable or valid? In this class, Dr. Davenport will provide parents with tools for respond to both everyday anxiety struggles for children, as well as how to help our “worrier” kids through actually scary and difficult events.

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Parenting Your Strong-Willed Child Without Losing Your Mind

February 28 12-2pm        February 15  6-8pm



“Strong-willed” children are gifted at challenging parents’ patience. In this class, Dr. Davenport will focus on strategies to avoid power struggles and set limits with your strong-willed child across different ages, in order to help our “natural leaders” reach their full potential.

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Born to Bond: For Expecting and New Parents

March 28 12-2pm        March 29  6-8pm



Our babies are born ready to bond with their parents- bonds that last a lifetime. When we understand how these bonds drives brain development and learning, we can be intentional to lead healthy bonding and connection beginning at birth. Secure bonds between parents and young children are consistently predictive of many later outcomes, including emotional intelligence, higher self-confidence, healthy relationships, and many academic skills. 

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Playful Parenting: Understanding Play as a Parenting Resource

April 18 12-2pm        April 19 6-8pm



Play is a universal language of children. When we as parents know how to communicate with our children through their play, our knowledge of and ability to influence their world expands greatly. Dr. Davenport, a Registered Play Therapist, brings her knowledge of play in child development to enrich parents’ awareness of their children’s play and how to participate in a meaningful way (and when to let them play alone).

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It’s Not Fair! Raising Siblings with Different Personalities

May 23 12-2pm        May 17 6-8pm



Parents with more than one child almost universally recognize their children are not cookie-cutter duplicates of each other. Each child has their own personality and unique place in the family, as well as different relationships with other siblings. This class will focus on how we can create a culture in our families that minimizes sibling rivalry and comparisons between our children, allowing us as parents to meet each child’s needs.


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Cooperative Co-Parenting After Divorce: Yes It Can Happen

June 21 6-8pm



Divorce is often stressful for parents and children, but the strongest predictor of children’s adjustment and well-being after divorce is the degree of conflict and cooperation between parents post-divorce. What does cooperative co-parenting look like? How do we get there after a conflictual divorce? How do we overcome differences in how we believe our children should be parented? What do we do with step-parent and other significant others who influence these dynamics after divorce? This class will address these questions and others!

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Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

July 26  6-8pm




“Emotional intelligence” is strongly associated with many outcomes we want for our children, including good social skills and strong self-control. This class will focus on how we build emotional intelligence in our children at different ages, and how this process differs for boys and girls with different personalities.

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Back to School Transitions for Kids (And Parents Too!)

August 29 12-2pm        August 23 6-8pm





Back to school means new routines, new teachers, and new expectations. These changes are exciting, but can be overwhelming for children and their parents! We will talk about back to school anxiety, establishing healthy routines, and helping our children take age-appropriate responsibility in their school life. 

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Protecting Kids on Social Media and the Internet

September 26  12-2pm    September 27 6-8



This will not be one of those classes to make parents afraid of social media or the dark corners of the internet. The reality is that our kids are growing up in a world influenced by the internet and social media, and they need our help learning how to responsibly and safely navigate both. We will talk about some cautions and concerns, but mostly focus on when and how to introduce our children to an online life, and how we as parents can shape the skills they need to be good citizens in the age of the internet.

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Ghosts in the Dark: Calming Our Kids’ Fears

October 26, 12-2pm        October 25 6-8pm



Children experience different fears at different ages. As parents when we understand more about what is happening at each stage of development, we can have greater confidence in how to respond to fears in ways that foster a sense of security and self-confidence in our children. Telling our children not to be afraid is not the same as teaching them how to overcome fears.

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Raising Grateful Children in an Age of Entitlement

November 14, 12-2pm    November 15, 6-8pm





An ability to experience and express gratitude is consistently found to be linked to happiness and joy in life. How do we raise children to appreciate their material possessions, relationships, and life experiences and prevent raising an ‘entitled’ child?

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Understanding the Adolescent Brain to Make Sense of Our Teens

December 12, 12-2pm    December 13, 6-8pm



Adolescence is notoriously a time of rapid change- physically and psychologically. We have erroneously attributed much of adolescent strife to changing hormones, when much of the change is actually better understood through recognizing how brains grown and change in adolescence. This knowledge of our teen’s brains informs effective strategies for communication and guidance of teens and pre-teens.

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