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Training and Supervision

2018 ICFE Professional Training Opportunities

Unless otherwise indicated, all trainings are led by Becky Davenport, Ph.D., LMFT-S, ICFE Owner and Director, AAMFT Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor, and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor with the Association for Play Therapy. Dr. Davenport has over 15 years of clinical and supervision experience with couples and families.


Couples Therapy After An Affair 

May 18, 2018 9am-12pm                             3 CEUs              $30 Registration

The discovery or disclosure of an affair can be a catastrophic event in a marriage. However, many couples can heal and recover together, and a skilled couples therapist can be an essential guide in the difficult process. This workshop will first provide an overview of various causes and circumstances leading up to affairs, as well as modern manifestations of infidelity. Guided predominantly by an EFT model lens, we will discuss the conceptualization of the process of couples therapy after affairs and the therapists role in guiding couples through the healing stages. Special consideration will be given in the workshop to issues of therapeutic confidentiality or "secret keeping" and responding to questions about the viability of the relationship.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will understand the 3 stages of healing for a couple after an affair.
Participants will conceptualize the therapeutic process for couples affected by infidelity through an attachment and systemic lens.
Participants will consider circumstances in which a therapist may wisely "keep secrets" in therapy with couples.
Participants will recognize options for couples in which one or both partners is ambivalent regarding their future in the relationship.
Participants will list the most common challenges when working with couples after infidelity.


Play Themes in Nondirective Play Therapy

July 13, 2018    9am-4pm                                   6 CEUs*                 $100 Registration

Children communicate so deeply and profoundly in play. Therapists utilizing non-directive play therapy can feel overwhelmed with the content provided in children’s play. This workshop will explore in depth how to understand play content through conceptualization of play themes. Treatment planning, parent psychoeducation and engagement, and family therapy implications for various themes will be discussed through multiple conceptual frameworks, including Rogerian/child-centered play therapy, systemic family therapy, and attachment theory. 

Learning Objectives:

Participants will recognize the predominant play themes observed in non-directive play.
Participants will understand predominant play themes through multiple theoretical frameworks.
Participants will be able to educate parents about the implications of their children’s play themes.
Participants will compare and contrast conceptualization of play therapy treatment planning through multiple theoretical frameworks.



Play Therapy with Children During and After Divorce 

September 7, 2018 10am-5pm             6 CEUs, including 3 Ethics CEUs*          $125 Registration

Parental divorce is at best a stressful transition for children, and at worst is a deeply traumatic experience that doesn’t end when the decree is filed at the courthouse. This workshop will provide an overview of directive and non-directive approaches to help children process and understand their experiences both during and after a divorce process. Parents’ coping and well-being in divorce is recognized as central to children’s adjustment and health; therefore, systemically informed treatment planning for children in divorce will be emphasized.  

However, therapeutic skill is only part of the knowledge therapists need with these children and their families. Half of the workshop will address ethical dilemmas frequently faced when working with children affected by divorce, including what we can and can’t do in custody conflicts and how to ethically and therapeutically share information about children with divorced parents.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will understand parental divorce as an attachment injury for children, and outline the process of returning to a secure attachment bond after divorce.
Participants will recognize differences in children’s responses to divorce at different levels of development.
Participants will conceptualize directive and non-directive play therapy interventions and treatment planning for children affected by divorce.
Participants will identify parental engagement strategies based on parents’ personal level of coping, emotional insight, and attachment histories with their children. 
Participants will recognize the unique ethical challenges faced by therapeutics when working with minors, especially minors who are the subjects of court decrees.
Participants will respect ethical limitations of play therapists in custody litigation.



Filial Play Therapy

October 12-13, 10am-5pm each                         12 CEUs*            

$250 Registration (includes training, CEUs, light snacks each day)

Filial play therapy—parents and caregivers trained to engage in therapeutic, non-directive “special play time”— has a long history of empirical support as an effective and efficient treatment modality for a wide range of presenting issues for children, including behavioral and emotional problems, trauma, and divorce adjustment. Parents and guardians are uniquely powerful change agents in children’s lives because of their existing bond with the child, as well as their deep knowledge of the child’s life experiences. This workshop will equip play therapists to articulate the purpose and power of filial play therapy to parents and guardians, and guide families through assessment, observation, training, and termination phases of filial therapy. 

*A basic understanding of non-directive play therapy skills will be assumed of participants for this workshop. If you have not attended a previous non-directive play therapy training, please contact Dr. Davenport at davenport@icfetx.com for recommended readings and trainings. 

Learning Objectives:  

Participants will understand the history of the development of filial play therapy.
Participants will recognize the power of filial therapy to build and/or repair secure attachment between children and caregivers.
Participants will be able to demonstrate and guide parents through the four non-directive play therapy skills utilized in filial therapy.
Participants will explain the purpose and power of filial play therapy in order to engage parents successfully in the process.
Participants will recognize difference in the process of training parents/caregivers based on their engagement and alliance with the therapist, emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and attachment history with the target child. 


Ethically Discussing Divorce Options in Therapy  Couple facing away from each other fighting

November 2, 2018    9am-12pm                    3 Ethics CEUs                  $30 Registration

Mental health professionals working with individuals and couples often encounter clients who are considering divorce. We are on the front lines of guiding potentially divorcing couples to a less destructive path, yet many of us feel unprepared to help clients navigate this process due to our limited understanding of divorce options in Texas. Join Dr. Davenport and a family law attorney to gain an overview of divorce options and tools to direct your clients to the least destructive process for their needs for divorce and other family law matters.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will list the multiple legal processes available for divorce in Texas.
Participants will understand the benefits and challenges associated with Texas divorce options.
Participants will recognize the ethical considerations and challenges present when discussing divorce options within individual and couples therapy.
Participants will conceptualize means of ethically presenting choices for divorce options to clients.



Texas LMFT Provider 857, LPC Provider 2769, Social Workers Provider 7134 

*APT Approved CEUs, APT Provider 17-483

Cancellation Policy for all training events- Full refund available minus 25% processing fee until two weeks prior to the event; 50% refund between 7 and 14 days from event.  Within one week of event, no refund is availble but registered parties may allow someone else to attend in their place. Email request to davenport@icfetx.com.


LMFT, LPC and RPT Supervision

Dr. Becky Davenport provides LMFT and Play Therapy post-graduate supervision. For more information, contact her at davenport@icfetx.com.

Dr. Nicholas Wilkens provides LMFT and LPC post-graduate supervision. For more information, contact him at wilkens@icfetx.com.

Dr. Jason Northrup provides LMFT and LPC post-graduate supervision. For more information, contact him at northrup@icfetx.com.


Internship Opportunities at the ICFE

There are currently no internship openings at the ICFE. Future opportunities will be posted here. 

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