Michelle Curtis- ICFE Student Intern


 I am currently a Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure student from Capella University. My educational background prior to this includes an MBA with a concentration in Leadership and Ethics from Saint Edward's University in Austin, TX with undergraduate degrees in Social Psychology and Human Resources. I am also a certified Mediator in the state of Texas. In my spare time I enjoy yoga, meditation, and trying new things just to say I did it!

 My personal, educational, and professional experiences have taught me to embrace my passion for helping others evolve, grow, and succeed in all aspects of life by facilitating personal growth through self-actualization & empowerment, relationship enhancement, and improved communication pathways. 

 I see the value in seeking, accepting, and embracing therapeutic intervention to restore harmony and balance within oneself, family of origin, and in choosing to pursue new relationships or heal present relationships and endeavor forward on a collaborative path to success! I look forward to working with you on your journey!

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