Joseph Estess, MA, LMFT

"I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I received my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Chapman University. Before that, I earned a bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Art from Thomas Edison State College while serving in the Navy. I grew up in New York and Texas but moved around with the Navy to Florida, Connecticut, California, Hawaii, and Washington State. Living in such diverse places makes me appreciate the differences and commonalities of cultures in our country. 

My background and interests are varied among creative arts, science and applied mechanics. A blending of art and science is at the heart of therapy because its integration informs us about what there is to be known, how to be happy and successful, and how treat and communicate with others. Art without science is chaotic and science without art is cold and rigid.

I specialize in relationship issues, infidelity, trauma, anxiety, military issues. I work with adult individuals and couples. With individuals, I focus on their experience, freedom of choice and developing self-awareness that leads to personal responsibility and change. For couples, I work to revive or renew the friendship, trust, and love in the relationship.

I have advanced training in Gottman Method Couples Counseling, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Discernment Counseling, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

I encourage you to visit my individual professional website at for more information.

Joseph Estess, MA, LMFT - (210) 310-8384, [email protected] 

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